Thursday, October 15, 2009

News from the front, part the last

So, one other thing I've learned about forum RPGs: they go a lot slower during the school year. I can't really blame them for this, since obviously people have things to do, though that's rarely stopped me (not something I'm particularly proud of). My own project seems to have died off for the moment (though that's mostly my fault), and even sites that had quite a few enthusiastic players posting several times a day over the summer are now lucky to get one or two a week. I suppose the lack of a regularly scheduled meeting time might also have something to do with this. Chalk it up as another disadvantage. So, my analysis for those interested: it's a fun way to kill time, meet internet people, practice writing, and get your RPG fix while school's out, but having a local group is hard to beat. Forum's still better than Skype, though. *glares at Skype*

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